Holiday season!

Banksy a posted Nov 12, 18

Been a busy couple of months for me and i've neglected the site for far to long. Apologies! Anywho I hope everyone is safe and in good health and spirits and staying warm for those of you in colder parts of the country! I'll post some more here as thanks giving and Christamas pass I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving I hope you all enjoy good times and good food with family and friends.If anyone wants to reach me for any reason I'll post my discord ID below feel free to add me. I'd love to catch up with any of you. Stay safe everyone and be well I miss you all. P.S. always remember, "they're electrified!".

Throw back pic kalak and I on pot 5 Circa 2013.


Discord user name: M4custom#5490

Happy May everyone I hope everyones doing well and in good health.Get outside and enjoy the nice weather for a change! I hope you are all in good health and doing well.

A very happy birthday goes out to xapp TODAY! I hope you and the family are all doing well. I still remember whne you first joine the guild back on KO meeting you on Ilum with tauzo early one morning before I had to leave the house for class. You were one of the guilds best upstanding members even if you were not giving a fair shake at times and for that I am sorry. You made logging in to swtor fun and you found ways to make hard times easier for me. You were truly a core aspect of bloodline. Thank you for your time and for all the help keeping the guild going back than. Take care and be safe buddy. 

Happy March everyone I hope your all having a great start to your spring season and in good health. You guys are always in my thoughts. Often times after a long day of work I find myself thinking about the good times we had and everyone that as involved and somedays those thoughts are all that sustain me. Thank you all again.

Big happy birthday wishes go out to segoy! Hapy birthday buddy thank you for being there for me when I needed you and thank you for keeping touch with me over the years and making me not feel like a total failure. You did a lot for me during our time in game and out. I still remember seeing you on fleet running around with the old order of the ducks guild tag before you joined up with us. I'm greatfull you did and I'm sorry I never did really do right by you during my time in game. A guy like me does not deserve afriend like yourself. Thank you again and have a great birthday.

Thanks again everyone and stay safe have great spring season.


Happy February Everyone.

Banksy a posted Feb 2, 18

I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday season. Wishing everyone well the guild and everyone that was a part of it is always in my thoughts. Stay safe and enjoy whats left of the winter.

As a side note early happy birthday to kalak I think about you often kalak i know things ended poorly between you and I all do in part to me that doesn't mean i dont still consider you one of the best friends I ever made in the game and I hink often back to our ultra late nigh hats and pvp matchs. Take care kalak and have a great birthday.

Happy New Years!

Banksy a posted Dec 27, 17

Recently swtor celebrated its six year anniversary its hard for me to believe its been six years since the game launched and even hader for me to believe that the guilds been dead now for about four of those six years...

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new years enjoy yourselfs and stay safe.