Banksy a posted Sep 12, 17

Troy Labarre or as we knew him by his in game name sweetmeat was truly a one of a kind person and probably one of the strongest willed people I myself had ever met. Sweet joined our guild a few weeks after we were merged in to canderous ordo he almost instantly won everyone over in guild and became one of the guilds most cherished memebers. I myself can remember many early afternoon pvp sessions with sweet, xapp, segoy and myself mostly on my healer just shooting the shit and having a good time. Those times were some of the most relaxing and enjoyable times I had in game in terms of PVP.

Sweet passed away November 23 2013 I wanted to just put this up here In honor of him and his memory and all the good times he brought us and all the laughs he gave us with his top notch dirty jokes.

I'm sorry I never did get you that dreadtooth kill on section X sweet I think about you and that failure of mine often. Rest well and thank you so much for the good times and good laughs you gave us all.

Troy Labarre 

August 9 1971-November 23 2013